Receive Inbound Video Calls From Your Outbound Emails.

Zoom, Teams or WhatsApp can't do that.

Automatically route inbound video calls from your outbound emails to the sales rep. that can best serve that lead. All calls are transcribed, enriched with data and include sales playbooks on-screen.

How it works

Rise above the endless noise and focus more on quality

There is no need to scratch your head for more reps, Api, or research tools for prospect information.

We turn every lead into a live video call with enriched information about your prospect, company, competitors, and previous engagements. helps you convert more leads by saving you time.

Get to know who’s contacting you before starting the sales call

No need to search for your prospect anymore. A push notification will include all the data you need about the opportunity.

Receive inbound video calls from qualified potential customers from any online channel. All it takes is one click.

Automatically connect prospects with qualified sellers in real-time

A well-executed sales call can make or break your chance to close a lucrative deal.

We automatically identify high-value visitors and route them, so sales can proactively reach out to start turning a single visit into a whole buying journey.

Save your time for the next profitable lead through our stellar inbound AI intelligent call routing system to evaluate the caller's identity and reason for calling for the right seller to serve.

It's time to wow your prospects with an instant response from your best sellers.

Enjoy real-time engagements with automated lead research data and on-screen sales coaching playbooks.

Say goodbye to mind-numbing manual work or memorizing sales playbooks. With, your team can get back to focusing on the essential things they need to get done.

The live call screen is automatically enriched with lead research information (previous engagements, competitors, news, company info, etc.) and links to marketing and sales documents. Sellers can share these links with their prospects.

We take the load off your shoulders.

Get rid of switching between tabs during a call.

Stop shuffling between multiple systems. Our active on-screen bar includes the data you need about the prospect and shareable links to marketing and sales documents.

We automatically integrate with your CRM (e.g., Salesforce) and document management sources.

Easy access to actions needed during a call via the Actions bar

Active bar features include screen sharing, invitation of AEs, recording, follow-up call scheduling, and email templates. You can enable the appearance of the sales playbooks or customize the bar per each product call.

Maximize your productivity by analyzing velocity, quality, and quantity KPIs

Manage your key performance indicators (KPIs) on display in a few clicks. You may then segment, add dimensions, and combine information to create your company's personal and analytical report.

Everything is measured from routing to SDR acceptance rate and playbooks compliance score.

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