Book more Opportunities by Engaging with the Bank's Prospects Live.

Prospects shopping for mortgages and loans can engage with bankers instantly.

More than just a video chat. Add the personal touch to every engagement by enriching the call with needed data to win more business.

We enrich and verify prospects' data so that you can focus on the call.

Every LIVE call is enriched with information about the prospect, location, and previous engagements. Data from CRM and other sources are available for the banker during the call.

Intelligent call routing directs incoming calls to the best available banker.

Use AI-powered intelligent routing to connect prospects with bankers. Let the best professional expert engage first to make your prospects feel special.

To follow sales' best practices and guidelines, sales playbooks appear on-screen.

Leverage the guided sales playbooks to ensure bankers follow the best practices and compliance rules. Drive predictive offerings to products and services.

The active bar lets bankers take action during the live call.

The active bar enables screen sharing, recording, follow-up call scheduling, and email templates. You can allow the appearance of the sales playbooks or customize the bar per each product call.

Everything is monitored and measured by built-in advanced analytics and reporting.

Every incoming lead is measured from routing to SDR acceptance rate and playbooks compliance score. Reports are available over a modern UI. SSO and advanced authorization schema are supported.

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