What is Conversation Intelligence ?

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For insights, conversation intelligence refers to technologies that can automatically transcribe and analyze a conversation between people, buyers, and sellers. These insights can later help improve a business person's skills to win more business more efficiently.

More recent technologies can analyze conversations in real-time and provide the business person recommendations and guidance during the call. While it is possible to listen to every conversation and take notes, it becomes impossible to listen to every call in a natural business environment, where hundreds or thousands of calls are happening. This is why conversation intelligence technologies are coming to the rescue.

More and more businesses are leveraging conversation intelligence to train and improve the skills of their sales team. More specifically, as the business world is transitioning into live shopping or live commerce, the need for such technologies is on the rise. Conversation Intelligence technology helps businesses to improve buying experiences, increase conversions, and ultimately drive more revenue.

Artificial Intelligent

To transcribe a conversation, speech-to-text technology is used. This type of technology receives a call's audio and video streams to identify sounds and speakers and transcribe them into text. The technology can identify different speakers by their voices and mark the time each speaker spoke at.

Other technologies, like sentiment analysis, can detect the sentiment of a speaker on a call. Such a study provides a score that can later help identify if the speaker was happy or upset during the call.

Other technologies, such as natural language processing (or NLP), analyze the transcribed conversation to identify keywords, terms, and topics mentioned during the call. This analysis's outcome can help determine what has been said on a call and when. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the backbone of all these technologies, and its models can define the accuracy of the analysis.

Use of Conversation intelligence

Every salesperson or marketer engages with people on a daily bases. The engagement occurs over a phone call, a video session, a live shopping, or even a live commerce session. Conversations with prospects and customers are essential information to learn about various topics, such as the objections the target customers have, who they view as your competition, and ways of improving your product.

Conversation intelligence is also used to identify successful conversations where the business outcome was high. Business people can learn how the discussions were structured, what and when topics were mentioned, and how objections were handled. These insights can be used to quickly onboard and train sales employees to achieve maximum results in the short term. The technology can further help identify business people who struggle to succeed despite repeated training sessions.

Live selling is leveraging conversation intelligence to identify the best performing sellers and provide real-time coaching information during the live call to assist the seller in winning more deals.

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