Boost Conversion by Engaging with Leads Over Smart Video Experience

Adding the missing data layer requested by SDRs to make every sales call productive.

Prospect and company information, previous engagements, competitors, industry news, and dynamic sales playbooks appear on-screen.

Prospect's data appears on each incoming call before you accept it.

When a prospect requests to speak with Sales, a push notification is sent with initial data about the opportunity, company, and asked product, making the SDR aware of who is calling. Desktops, iOS, and Android Apps are supported.

We enrich and verify prospects' data. You only need to collect the name and email.

No need for 3rd party APIs or a lead research team. Every LIVE call is enriched with information about the prospect, company, competitors, latest news, and previous engagements from your CRM.

Intelligent call routing directs incoming calls to the best SDRs in real-time.

AI-powered call routing supports various algorithms to comply with your internal processes and maximize outcomes. Round-robin, broadcast, FCFS, best converting, etc.

To follow sales' best practices and guidelines, sales playbooks appear on-screen.

Sales playbooks for the requested product appear on the screen. The call can be transcribed in real-time to evaluate SDR's conversation during the call. A score is being calculated based on things that were, or were not, said during the call.

Lead research data, marketing, and sales documents are available for the SDR on-screen.

The LIVE call screen provides the SDR with lead research information (previous engagements, competitors, news, company info, etc.) and links to marketing and sales documents. The SDR can share a link with the prospect over the call.

The active bar lets SDRs take action during the live call.

The active bar enables screen sharing, inviting AEs, recording, follow-up call scheduling, and email templates. You can allow the appearance of the sales playbooks or customize the bar per each product call.

Everything is monitored and measured by built-in advanced analytics and reporting.

Every incoming lead is measured from routing to SDR acceptance rate and playbooks compliance score. Reports are available over a modern UI. SSO and advanced authorization schema are supported.

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